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"Too Many Good Memories to Share"

Longtime Jackson Kelly Receptionist Helps Make the Firm Go

April 26, 2022

As we continue to celebrate our 200th anniversary at Jackson Kelly, we also honor our amazing staff members that have helped us achieve such longevity here. The Firm would not be where it is today without the hard work of all of our support staff, whether these be the men and women who work directly with attorneys or those who keep the offices and the business of the law firm running.

One such person is the head receptionist in our Charleston office, Sandy Roberts. Sandy has been with Jackson Kelly over 26 years. Starting in 1995, she was initially a “floating receptionist,” filling in for every receptionist on every floor as they would take their breaks, lunches and more.

She says she doesn’t remember the exact day she became the main receptionist at the Firm but says she “loves her job” and adds “I think it is wonderful to work at a Firm that is the 6th oldest in the country. It’s very exciting that Jackson Kelly has been a law firm before we (West Virginia) were even a state.”

In speaking with her, you get a sense of humbleness, and someone who does not like to “toot her own horn” so the Firm’s Managing Member, Ellen Cappellanti, will do it for her. “I frequently get comments from lawyers from outside our office commending the professionalism of Sandy. Clients love it that she immediately recognizes their voices after only a few interactions.” Ellen would go on to say, “We are so fortunate to have Sandy being the first point of contact for many.” 

When asked about a good story or memory, Sandy just said “So many good memories, too many to share.”

One good memory all Jackson Kelly employees will have is getting to work with an amazing person like Sandy Roberts.


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